What do dairy producers need to know about CWAS?

CWAS is a an ambulatory dairy service providing on-farm services for Wisconsin dairy herds. As an ambulatory service, our consultants come to you upon request; delivering timely, thorough and professional animal care and consulting.

What services does CWAS offer?

CWAS offers a wide range of services and products.

Services include:

  • Veterinary medicine and surgical services
  • Reproductive services
    • Ultrasound
    • Breeding Soundness Exams
  • Parlor flow and milker training
  • General staff training
  • Protocols
    • Treatment protocols
    • Vaccine protocols
  • Residue avoidance
  • Cow comfort
  • General animal welfare
    • Recumbent cow handling
    • Calf handling, feeding and dehorning/castration protocols
  • We also have the benefit of Spanish-speaking consultants, with 30+ years of combined employment in the dairy industry, to assist with the training of HIspanic employees.
  • CWAS also offers a wide array or dairy products from antimicrobials, antiinflammatories and biologicals to every-day items such as milker gloves, inflations and foot bath products.
  • CWAS utilized Marshfield Labs, WVDL in Madison and in-house testing to provide routine blood analysis as well as milk cultures.

Does CWAS offer emergency services?

Yes. CWAS offers emergency care 24/7, 365 days per year.

Does CWAS provide veterinary care for all animal species?

Generally No. CWAS is dedicated to the men and women of the dairy industry by caring for the the dairy cattle they own. At CWAS we believe dairy is our specialty and do not want extend ourselves into areas that take away from opportunities to serve our dairy clients and their animals. By only focusing on dairy cattle, we are able to stay abreast of the most pertinent dairy-related topics and focus our energies on enhancing the care, handling and productivity of animals under our care. The only exceptions CWAS makes at this time is for the regular annual vaccinations of pets or horses owned by existing dairy clients. We will be happy to make recommendations for the medical care of species other than cattle.

Does CWAS offer ride-along opportunities to students?

Yes. CWAS is dedicated to the next generation of dairy producers and dairy veterinarians. Students interested in dairy science or veterinary medicine are welcome to participate in one day ride-alongs or 2-4 week externships. Students interested in participating in a ride-along or externship should contact Dr. John Borzilllo (see "How do I contact CWAS?") regarding scheduling, travel, expectations, preparations and lodging.

How do I contact CWAS?


Veterinary services: John - 715-937-5660

Retail services: Emily - 715-937-4297



Veterinary services: John - 715-937-5660

Retail services: Emily - 715-937-4297



Veterinary services: John - john@cwvets.com

Retail services: Emily - office@cwvets.com


Fax: 715-819-1013

Does CWAS have a requirement on what size dairy farm they will work with?

No. CWAS does provide a range of services that may, in some cases, appeal specifically to larger dairies, but we value the opportunity to work with dairies of all sizes - large or small.  Regardless of cow numbers, CWAS has something to offer.

Does CWAS offer drop ship for pharmaceuticals and other products?

Yes. CWAS offers drop ship for all purchases. Products are also available at our home office at: W12465 State Rd. 95 in Alma Center, WI.  Items may also be delivered, but advanced notice is requested prior to delivery for larger quantities.  In the event of a large delivery request, please contact Dr. John Borzillo by phone @ 715-937-5660.  

Does CWAS utilize Zoetis's Leaders Edge program pricing?

Yes. CWAS will work with every dairy that qualifies for not only Zoetis's buying programs but all buying programs offered by the other major manufacturers.

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To learn more or to establish a Veterinarian of Record Relationship (VCPR) with CWAS, please call 715.896.2569 or download our VCPR form!

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